Antalya where Reo rediscovers his luck?

Shooting as good as he ever, Reo WILDE has had a recent run of bad luck – despite his scores. He started Antalya 2015 in style, claiming the top compound men’s seed over qualification.

Reo WILDE was, in many ways, unlucky at the first Archery World Cup stage of the season, and he knows it.

He shot a new world record with 150 12X, then went out in the next phase of the head-to-heads to Seb PEINEAU – who shot a high 149 to Reo’s 148, and then went on to win the event.

“I’ve had a couple of times recently where people beat me with really high scores,” he admitted – echoing the feeling he let on to in Shanghai. “But apart from that it’s been a really good year so far.”

At least today, Reo was high scorer.

He was consistent throughout, shooting nothing less than a 58-point six-arrow end and ending on a 705 total for the 72-arrow round. For much of the afternoon he trailed Mister Perfect Mike SCHLOESSER, but the Dutchman loosened up on the home straight and dropped off.

Reo credits his new equipment, particularly his release, with his tight groups: “It’s new toys and working out how to use them. I shot 30 plus Xs today, even in the wind.”

“I just wanted to stay on the pace, the wind was tough and I just kept plugging away at what you’re doing.”

SCHLOESSER dropped all the way down to the fourth seed, opening the door for Brazilian Marcelo RORIZ to land second and Italy’s Federico PAGNONI third.

Brazil had two compound men in the top five finishers for the ranking round: Roberval DOS SANTOS put in a 702 score to claim the fifth seed – and mark one of his nation’s most successful starts in the compound men’s competition in some time.

Asian Games Champion Esmaeil EBADI – from Iran – won a shoot-off over the Korean winner in Antalya last year, CHOI Yong Hee, to claim the last spot in the top eight.

The USA qualified as top team, followed by France and Italy.