About Reo Wilde

Reo was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho with his sister and two younger brothers. Reo’s mother, Leta, worked at home doing hair and raised the kids, while Reo’s father, Dee, worked as a meat salesman. Reo was taught early on to hunt and fish by his dad. By the time Reo was 12, archery had become a major hobby in his life.

Dee always held high expectations of Reo to perform in archery. For a time Reo pulled away from the sport for a break, but returned at 18 to go to the Vegas Shoot with his dad. Both Reo and Dee attended the Vegas Shoot and won in their separate divisions.

"You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Shot"

Archery World Champion

Reo’s archery ambitions led him to San Diego to attend the Olympics Training Center to learn to shoot a recurve bow. After a year of hard training, Reo performed in the Olympic trials. Due to a tooth abscess and a root canal at the time, he was unable to qualify high enough for the Olympics. Reo’s disappointment led him to pursue a different dream with the compound bow. Reo, from that point on, organized his time so that he could shoot the compound bow on a consistent basis and become a professional. His schedule changed to consist of work in the mornings at UPS, shooting during the day, and tournaments on the weekend.

In 2006 Reo met and married his wife, Sheri. Reo and Sheri continued to live in Pocatello, where they later had two daughters, Kenady, in 2008 and another daughter, Paige, in 2010. With a growing family, a busy work schedule, and a deep commitment to archery, the family needed to strike a balance. Reo decided to take a risk and accept a new job after 16 years of work at UPS. Reo partnered with Lancaster Archery Supply to start shooting his bow full time, and the change proved the be the most beneficial for the family.

In the past four years, Reo has dominated the archery field, has hosted multiple seminars a year, and has found time for work and family. His new job has made it possible for him to build a new house and have a shooting range in the basement, where Reo can shoot whenever he wants. Reo is passionate about archery and constantly seeks to contribute to the growth of the sport. Reo seeks to help shooters get better one arrow at a time. Reo believes that "you’re only as good as your worst shot." If you would like to improve your archery, check out archery tips and equipment recommendations from Reo Wilde today!

Reo's Resume

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